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      Welcome to the new year!  We are going to be learning many new math skills.  About 70% of the skills and concepts are based on multiplication and division facts.  Please make sure your child has mastered these facts. It will make the year more successful and easier for him/her.
    I teach the Science and Math curriculums.  Below are the topics and chapters covered through the year. You will find a * next to the current topic/chapter.
Math topics:
     1. Place value
     2. +/- decimals
     3. Multi. whole numbers
     4. Div. decimals with 1-digit divisors
     5. Div. decimals with 2-digit divisors
     6. Multi. decimals
     *7. Dividing decimals
     8. Numerical expressions, patterns, and relationships
     9. +/- fractions
     10. +/- mixed numbers
     11. Multi./div. fractions and mixed numbers
     12. Volume of solids
     13. Units of measure
     14. Data
     15. Classifying plane figures
     16. Coordinate geometry
     17. Assorted skills

Science Chapters
   Investigating the Environment
     2. Reproduction and change
     *Investigating Mixtures
     Investigating Concentrations and Saturation
     Investigating Incline Planes and Levers
     3. Adaptations
     4. Ecology
     5. The Changing Earth
     6. The earth's resources
     7. Climate
     8. Respiration and excretion
     9. Living a healthy life
     10. Assorted topics