Classroom Rules

1) All students will be in the locker room when the second bell rings.

2) Students will have five minutes to change before and after class.

3) No food or drinks are allowed in the gym or locker room areas.

4) All students will dress in shorts, shirts, sweatshirts, or sweatpants for activites.

5) The above dress must be different from that worn in school.

6) Clothing will have no inappropriate words and will cover the student well.

7) Non-marking snaekers with laces are required(no scandels or boots).

8) No jewelry is allowed.

9) No hats are allowed inside the gym.

10) No inappropriate language will be used.

11) Be respectful of school property.

12) Leave all equipment alone until Teacher tells differently.

13) Do not leave class for any reason without first getting permission from the Teacher.

14) All doors leading to the outside of the gym shall remain closed unless opened by the Teacher.

15) Stay in class until the bell rings for dismissal.

16) Students are not allowed in the office without Teacher permission.

17) Report all injuries immediately to Teacher.

18) Keep money or valuable items locked in your locker.

19) Be respectful to all participants in class and to the Teacher as well.

20) Students must participate to the best of their ability.

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