Education Reform

The Sackets Harbor Central School District is activelypic engaged in New York State education reform. 

As part of our efforts, SHCS is participating in a number of grant opportunities to positively impact student achievement:

Teaching is the Core Grant: 

Sackets Harbor Central School is part of the JLHHO BOCES Consortium that has been awarded $400,000 through the “Teaching is the Core" grant.  The purpose of this grant is to support efforts to eliminate and/or improve locally adopted tests that do not contribute to teaching and learning. We’re told the funds will help districts identify and improve assessments already in use that can lead to school and education effectiveness.  In addition, the grant will provide training and support in identifying assessment best practices, and determining high quality assessments that are being used by the district.  For more information the NYSED release can be found at:

Our school district took part in the Teaching is the Core grant this school year. The purpose of the grant was to assess the number, types, and quality of assessments being given to our students. We examined the assessments to gain insight into how we operate as a system, rather than to focus on individual teacher assessments. Our goal was to determine whether or not our system addressed the following statement: We at Sackets Harbor Central School strive to give students the strategies and tools to be life-long learners who are contributing members of society.

To meet our goal, we decided to ask for the following assessments from our teachers: 

  1. All ELA and Math teachers K-12 were asked to provide two examples (one special ed. and one regular) of one of their interims/benchmarks. These examples needed to be student- taken and corrected.

  2. All other subject areas K-12 were asked to provide any assessment they chose with an emphasis on informal, summative, on-going assessments (exit tickets, fist to five, thumbs up, thumbs down, etc.).

We collected a total of 75 assessments meeting these criteria.

To conduct the review, we used rubrics to navigate our way through each assessment.

Based on the rubric for measuring Impact on Instruction, the assessment review revealed that we need more information about how assessments are used to drive instruction. Moving forward, we will ask teachers (via questionnaire) how they give feedback, and how they use assessments to analyze the teaching and learning process. 

Based on the rubric for Alignment/Validity, we determined that as a system, we need to create assessment maps or “blueprints” that provide an outline of standards and skills being addressed by each item (question) on the assessment to allow for demonstration of alignment to standards and, therefore, instruction.

Based on the rubric for Diversity and Balance, it appears that there are a variety of ways for students to exhibit their learning. However, as a system, we may benefit from training on how to create more authentic assessments (those that have true meaning and purpose for the students). In addition, we may want to consider creating alternative assessments for our students with special needs.

Download the Sackets Harbor Central School District Teaching to the Core Review here or below.

For more information the NYSED release can be found at:

Strengthening Teacher & Leader Effectiveness-3 Grant:

In addition, we are also participating in the STLE3 grant. The purpose of this grant is to support teachers in their endeavors to both adopt strategies that enhance student learning and implement Data Driven Instruction. Teachers right here in this district have taken one year positions as "coaches" to help meet these goals.

Please check out the following links to learn more. 

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***Section 3012-C of education law requires school districts to fully disclose and release to the parents and legal guardians of a student the final HEDI rating and composite effectiveness score for each of the teachers and for the principal of the school building to which the student is assigned for the current school year upon the request of such parents and legal guardians.*** 



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