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                                                                Banana Splits                   Ms. Barkley

Banana Splits is a peer support group for children from split families, due to divorce, separation, death, foster care placement, military deployment, etc.

Counseling sessions are held at school for students who are having difficulties that impact them at school.  For other concerns, please refer to the partial list of counseling resources available in the community.

Special Education
Students who struggle academically are provided with intervention services.  If these services do not result in the expected progress, a child may be suspected of having an educational disability.  A referral to the Committee on Special Education can determine if an educational disability is present, such as mental retardation, a learning disability, an emotional disability, or other learning challenges.  Many students struggle in school, and the range of average is very large, but there are some students who do need special education supports.  If you are concerned about your child, please call the School Psychologist, who is also the Committee on Special Education Chairperson, or the Principal, who is also the Special Education Director. 

Preschool Special Education
The Committee on Preschool Special Education is for children ages 3 to 5, before they reach Kindergarten age.  This Committee receives referrals on children suspected of having some type of disability.  These include mental retardation, communication delays (including pronunciation of words), behavior challenges, autism, and other delays.  A parent may make a referral if he/she is concerned about a preschool-age child's development.  Just call the School Psychologist (also the Committee on Preschool Special Education Chairperson).

Early Intervention
For children even younger than 3 years old, services are available by calling Jefferson County Public Health.  If you have concerns your child is not yet talking or is not doing other activities you think he/she should be doing by now, please make a referral to Public Health at 786-3750.  Tell them you would like to refer your child to the Early Intervention Program and they will complete the necessary paperwork.

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