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Mr. Burris

Mr. Burris


Sackets Harbor Art Department


Sackets Harbor Central Schools recognizes the Visual Arts as an intellectual and aesthetic discipline essential for the complete education of every child..  Students at each level are exposed to today’s Modern works as well as the work of the Old Masters. 

The department emphasizes exploration, analysis, and investigation of the creative process.  Students develop technical skills that empower them to communicate ideas visually.  Students acquire knowledge that permits them to identify art styles and the periods to which they belong.  In addition, they become aware of a variety of art careers that they may consider.  They develop inquiry skills and vocabulary as they explore the meaning of works of art through analysis of subject matter, themes and symbols.  Students develop an increased awareness of the nature of art and of their relationship to it as they explore the meaning and value of works of art.

Mr. Burris' Classes
K-5 Elementary Art
6th Grade Art
7th Grade Art
Studio Art
Advanced Art